Courier is a lightweight HTTP and API client for testing webservices.

Simple, fast, small and feature-packed. All that you need to test or develop web APIs.


Support for the most common HTTP verbs


Use the appropiate request type to interact with thousands of available web APIs or test your own ones.

Craft your requests with an easy to use UI

Add form fields, headers and parameters easily and intuitively.

Prepare your request and the save it for later use, then load it with all of its related data for quick access.

Send multipart requests with attached files

Just attach the file and Courier does its magic.

Receive the files on your server as if they were sent by a browser, with correct headers everytime.

Syntax highlighting

For both request and response bodies with support for JSON, XML, HTML and URL-encoded data.

Load and save request and response data easily from and to disk, to keep track of your tests.

Built-in image viewer

Preview images sent as response (if the correct Content-Type is set).

Supports JPG, PNG and GIF.

Built-in hex viewer

Preview binary files sent as response.

And save them in their native format!

Support for HTTPS/SSL requests

Check the identity of the remote server to avoid MITM attacks, Courier shows you the certificate data and allows you to trust it or block the communication.

Add session-only or permanent exceptions to your trust zone.



Just click the button below to get the zipped executable. Once downloaded unzip into a folder and run, no installation needed.


Requires Windows 7/8/10
You may need to install the .NET framework 4.5

Warning: This software is provided as-is, without any warranty either expressed or implied. In no event unless required by applicable law the author will be liable to you for damages, including any general, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use the program.

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