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Send transactional email using Mandrill easily and without hassle



Download and unzip into a subfolder of your wp-content/plugins folder.

Make sure the folder name is wp-mandrill-mailer.

Inside that folder you'll find the lib folder. Place the contents of the src folder from the Mandrill PHP SDK inside it. You should have both Mandrill.php and a Mandrill folder directly inside lib.

Then get the cacert.pem file from this page and upload to the root of the wp-mandrill-mailer folder on your WordPress instance.

Now, in your WordPress go to the Dashboard and then to Plugins, find the Placeholders plugin and activate it.

Then again in the Dashboard, go to Mandrill Mailer and enter your API key and Pool name (you may enter Main Pool to use the default pool).


First create a message using the MandrillMessage class

# Create a MandrillMessage object and set the subject, from, to, contents, attachments, etc.
$message = MandrillMessage::newInstance()
    ->setFrom( array('test@mailinator.com' => 'Me') )
    ->setTo( array('test@mailinator.com' => 'Me') )
    ->setTemplate(get_template_directory() . '/templates/mailing/default.mailing.html')
    ->setImages(array('email_header' => get_template_directory() . '/images/mailing/header.jpg'))
    ->setAttachments(array('Test.pdf' => get_template_directory() . '/files/test.pdf'))
    ->setReplacements(array('%email-footer%' => 'Test'))
    ->setContents('<h2>Hey you</h2>');

Then just send your message:


The function will either return TRUE if the mail was sent successfully and FALSE otherwise.


MIT licensed


Author: biohzrdmx <github.com/biohzrdmx>

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